I am a painter living in tropical Florida where color attacks my senses on a daily basis.

A University graduate with a degree in Art, I was trained in the use of various mediums as well as the human form.

Originally an oil painter, I now work primarily in acrylics, often incorporating different gel mediums on an assortment of substrates.  My past experiences (with oils)  is apparent in my current work.  I love nothing better than applying layers upon layers of paint for a very textured appearance.  Water is rarely a component in my work.

For me, color is exploding everywhere!  And I want to capture it all.  My body of work is evidence of my love for color.  It is abundant and often applied with aggressive intent.

My work has evolved from "day to day" realism into a more figurative and expressionistic style.  This offers me unending freedom and an interpretive result.  It makes for added interest, often unusual effects and a contemporary statement.

Like most artists, there is always angst and unbridled emotion invested on the canvas as well as the paint.

The personal questions are internalized; have the limits been successfully pushed within reason, or to excess?  And of course the ultimate question....... is the work complete?

The final truth emerges when brushes and knives are laid to rest and the work is revealed.

If the viewer's interest is captured by my work, then I've accomplished my goal.