A University graduate with a degree in Art, my original goal was to become a medical illustrator.

The art world was changing and I felt the need to change with it.  I was trained primarily as an oil painter, and in the many different facets of art.  But my growth as an artist had to emerge from pure realism to a looser more interpretive style to feel like I was a part of the existing movement.  I felt the nature of my work was too mundane.  Fast Forward to Now!!!

My body of work became very figurative and quite colorful.  I enjoyed breaking "the rules" and violating the most basic elements that I had been taught.  I found pure joy in the application of heavy texture and the use of unbridled color.  I also discovered the liberty of random brush strokes which offered me unending freedom.  Today, my work is usually recognizable for the abundance of color which is oftentimes applied with aggressive intent.  I also feel that my work can be classified as expressionistic....and THERE IS NO FEAR!

My mantra, "color is the silent language that speaks to the soul".

My artwork has sold nationally from the east coast of Florida to as far as Hawaii and has been exhibited here in the U.S. and in Miami during Art Basel Week, as well as internationally in Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

I am an active and proud member of various art guilds and art societies.  I continue to take ongoing master art classes (to remain in the proverbial loop).

I am also represented by a Delray Beach Art Gallery.