Artist's Statement

Art is everywhere! It envelops us! It is energizing!  It is the quintessential expression of our world.

I am a University graduate with a degree in Art.....but that does not make me the painter I am.

I see it!  I breathe it! I touch it!  I live it!!

For me, color emanates from all subject matter, whether live or inanimate.  Nothing is ever static! 

The reality is not what I'm after.  It is the never ending vitality in all things.

It is an insatiable passion that is the driving force to create and it is always an emotional journey. 

Color, is the silent language that speaks to the soul!

And so, in my world, an abundance of color is essential, and violating "the rules" is part of the adventure.

I never anticipate the finality of a canvas, as I don't necessarily continue in the direction in which I begin.

It is the journey of creativity; and then the anticipiation............

How will the viewer perceive the work, and will they be touched by it.

My work displayed on the W Hotel in Times Square, NY

My work displayed on the W Hotel in Times Square, NY